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Tech Class at MEMA

Tech Class at MEMA

13 people, from MEMA and associated agencies, took the Technician’s License class that was held at MEMA in Reisterstown, September 29 & 30, with testing October 01, 2015.

Bill Clark, N3DOU & Elizabeth Gibbs, W3HIH presented the 2 –day Tech Class.

mema_02The participants were interested and involved throughout the class. The attention of many of them was divided, between learning the new material and meeting the demands of their jobs to prepare for hurricane Joaquin.

The testing session was put on by a group of 7 VE’s, gathered with the help of Bob Rose (our Laurel VEC Coordinator for Region 2 &3).

12 of the 13 test takers passed the Tech Test, and now have their Ham Radio call signs. Congratulations to all who participated!mema_01

We used a software program, for the first time, to record data required by the FCC in order to submit the test results. That is a challenge that we will continue to perfect.

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