The System

KARS Repeater – Telpac – APRS System
FrequencyOffsetCTCSS (PL)NotesStatus
System 1147.375 Mhz+ (600 Khz)156.7autopatchUP
System 2449.175 Mhz– (5 Mhz)156.7UP
System 3146.49 MhzSimplexClub Simplex Frequency
System 4145.09Telpac Gateway NodeK3ARS-10
System 5145.09Telpac Gateway NodeK3ARH-10
Repeater System Status: System 1 – Located on the tower of Kent County High School with links in Rock Hall, Galena, Chestertown and Betterton, it offers handheld coverage to all of Kent County. This main machine consists of a Motorola MTR2000 and DB products antenna with a effective radiated power (ERP) of 200 watts. The link controller is an Arcomm RC210 with an LDG RJS-8 voter. The machine uses a PL of 156.7 in and out. System 2 – Located on a tower adjacent to Chester River Hospital, this UHF repeater offers handheld coverage for the Chestertown area. The machine is a Motorola MTR2000 and DB Products antenna with an effective radiated power (ERP) of 200 watts.